Towed inflatable rides

Fly Fish, Air Stream, Sofa, Banana … what funny names! Are you intrigued? Want to know more ?

We could tell you that these are towed inflatable rides. We could also tell you that each of them provides unique and unforgettable sensations !

But, don’t you think that the best thing is to come and discover them for yourself ? Children as young as 5, teenagers, adults, whatever sensations they are seeking, our Water Glisse Passion Issambres team will be happy to direct you to the buoy best suited to your desires !

So don’t hesitate- come with family and friends !

Fly Fish

Are you passionate about thrills? You are not afraid of heights? Then there’s no doubt: this buoy is made for you and will leave you an unforgettable memory! Adrenaline guarantee

6 people maximum per raft.

Air Stream 

For you do “thrills” rhyme with “speed” ? Then the Air Stream is the inflatable ride for you ! Lying on your stomach, you will speed from one side of the boat to the other ! And … a little advice: don’t annoy our pilots !

4 people maximum per raft, possible to tow two buoys at the same time !


Sofa: “Long backed seat where many people can sit together” … Yeah, pretty much. But, we doubt that your sofa looks like ours ! With family or friends, take a ride that will make you laugh and bounce !

4 people maximum per raft, possible to tow two buoys at the same time !


The banana, or the star of towed buoys ! Young and old can test their sense of balance on this famous ride !

6 people maximum per raft.

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Instant camera print